It’s the end of the year as I write this, and my daughter and I are taking a much-needed break from the business of life by spending a few days in Florida. We’ve been fortunate to have warm weather and beautiful sun. Watching the rhythm of the ocean has made me consider ebb and flow, and how this relates to the natural cycles of life.

Ebb and Flow

There are times when life just flows. So much comes our way, and it can be challenging to address all of the abundance. This abundance can happen in two different ways.

Positive Abundance

Sometimes life brings joy, happiness, and opportunity. Many good and positive things are happening with family, life, and career. Maybe you’re welcoming a new family member, gaining career opportunities, or buying a beautiful new home. 

Life’s Challenges

At other times, life can be full of challenges in areas like health, employment, or finances. There might be a job loss, need to move, illness in the family or other challenging circumstance that demands your attention.

Whether abundantly good or utterly challenging, these periods require more of your time and energy. Sometimes, it can feel truly overwhelming, and it’s hard to put time and energy into all that presents itself. 

Navigate the Flow

So, how do we navigate these times of flow? Here are 3 steps:

Reconnect with your “Why”

Reconnect with your values, vision and goals. Consider your strengths and gifts, and which you choose to leverage in this moment. For more help getting intentional, visit our blog Identify Your Why.

Choose with Opportunities and Challenges to Address

Next, choose which opportunities and challenges to address by determining two things. Which are aligned with your life vision? What resonates with your values, your vision, and your goals? Which situations warrant your attention? Which ones don’t align with your refreshed priorities? 

Secondly, determine which challenges and opportunities need to be addressed. Perhaps a circumstance is not fully aligned with your vision, but must be addressed. This is an important consideration as well.

Create a Plan

Finally, determine how you will deploy your time, energy, and money to tackle the opportunities and challenges you’ve chosen to focus on. A key part of our coaching at Copper Seed is building a plan to meet today’s needs and propel you toward the future you envision. By thoughtfully dividing your resources, you can find balance in fulfilling both your immediate and future needs. 

Capturing the Ebb

To that end, ebbing moments are just as valuable. During the steady and quiet periods, you can be intentional about resting and quietly building the foundation to prepare for the next time of flow. Perhaps it’s time to focus on building your emergency fund, spending more time with a loved one, or developing a plan and finding resources for that next level of growth. These quiet times can serve as times for steady growth, rest, and times to plan for the future. Ebb and flow–it’s a natural balance.

In this New Year

As you step into this new year, take a moment to reflect on where you are. Is life ebbing? Is life flowing? How will you allocate your time, energy, and money to live your most fulfilling life through the ebb and flow?


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