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To take confident control of their financial future through personalized, flexible and affirming financial coaching.


  • Life is more than money – You’re building a unique future. Money is a part of that equation. But how do you want to use your time? Spend your energy? All three come together to shape your life. We start by understanding your vision as a foundation for your financial strategy.
  • Life moves quickly – Do you need the knowledge, confidence, and time to push your financial future forward? Copper Seed is here. We meet you where you are and give you the resources to move successfully forward.
  • Everyone can find success – But we each get there in our own way. We provide individualized, affirming coaching. If you’re committed to success, we’ll help you build processes that fit your lifestyle.

Our Team


Founder & Coach

With a clear vision and supportive education, you can create a life you love. I began my personal financial journey in my early 20’s as a teacher. Due to my parent’s teaching and my own curiosity, I read as much as I could about personal finance.

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My own financial journey has taught me to lead with a life vision and to use the power of finance to build that dream. I combined 20 years of teaching and financial service experience and launched Copper Seed in 2020 with a mission of simplifying money for women and entrepreneurs like you through education, planning, and financial coaching.

I hold a BA in Biology from the University of Virginia, a Master of Teaching degree from Virginia Commonwealth University, and an MBA from Wake Forest University. I’m a CFP® and CAP® Certificant, and serve as a Lecturer at the Love School of Business at Elon University.


Brand Marketing Strategist

Financial education has the power to transform anyone’s dreams into reality. In my own family, my great grandfather preserved family wealth because he understood money, landing our family business story as a case study in finance academia as a result of his “command of money”.

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But just two generations later, his own granddaughter understood so little about how money works, that she struggled to support herself. Personally, I credit financial education as the one thing that allowed me to launch my own successful short term rental business. Getting wise about money has not only completely transformed my own life, but sharing that knowledge with my friends and family has been one of the most gratifying experiences of my life. Drawing new clients to Copper Seed so they can become confident about their money and launch their dreams is an immense privilege.

I’m thrilled to be a part of the Copper Seed team, helping others gain clarity and power through financial coaching. Along with 17 years experience in financial services, I also bring a BA in Art from Piedmont University and 20 years of marketing and design experience. I feel very fortunate to be building awareness around the Copper Seed brand as a place for entrepreneurial women to find financial clarity so they can feel empowered to birth their dreams into reality!


Bookkeeping Assistant

Growing up, I was surrounded by entrepreneurs and small business owners. I learned from a young age how challenging but rewarding it can be to own a company. Now that I am entering the workforce, I value working with and empowering small businesses to grow and navigate the complexities of running a business.

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Copper Seed’s mission and values align with these passions. I am thrilled to work with Vaishali, and her incredible team, who have the skills and tools to educate others about the importance of financial knowledge, complete books, and timely financial statements. And I look forward to helping the companies Copper Seed supports so they can make enhanced financial decisions and make a real difference in our world.

My journey into the world of finance began during my time at Elon, where I immersed myself in the subject. In addition to a deep interest in finance, I have also learned the incredible importance of accounting in the business world, as well as to making informed finance decisions. Following my graduation from Elon, I will be pursuing a master’s in accounting at North Carolina State University.

During my time at Elon, I had the pleasure of taking two finance courses taught by Vaishali. While taking those courses, it was clear that Vaishali had an incredibly well-rounded understanding of finance as well as a passion for educating others on the topic. When Vaishali reached out to me in the Spring of 2024 to be a part of the Copper Seed team, I knew I had to say yes.


Social Media Manager

I joined Copper Seed as a marketing intern in 2021, but my first introduction to Copper Seed was as a student in Vaishali’s Financial Foundations course. As a young adult, I understand and relate to the anxieties that can arise from beginning your personal finance journey.

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I believe that your ideal life should not revolve around money, but that money can be used as a tool to build your ideal life. Everyone and anyone can take advantage of financial coaching.

I value my identity as a lifelong learner. In addition to growing each day with Copper Seed, I am currently pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Mathematics at Boston University.

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