With a financial coaching firm designed to help you grow


We Listen

Your financial journey is about you, so we start by creating a clear vision of what you’re building and the financial structure needed to get there.

We Teach

With your financial vision as a foundation, we’ll help you understand where you and are, what’s working, and what needs to change.

You Grow

Through our bimonthly coaching sessions, we’ll help you deepen your understanding and change your behaviors around money. With increased confidence and ability, you’ll create the life you envision.


Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Launching a business and need to understand your company finances and establish financial routines? We’ll help you organize and create a strategic financial plan to lead your growth.

Personal Financial Coaching

Ready to understand your current financial position and build a plan for the future? We’ll help you clarify your vision, establish a plan, and implement routines to thrive.

Workplace Financial Education

Want to empower your employees with financial education? Our interactive workshops increase your team’s understanding of money and engagement with employee benefits.



As an added benefit to employees, my organization asked Copper Seed to present the Foundations of Finance workshop to our team and their partners. Vaishali shares her expertise in personal finance in an accessible way that all individuals in different phases of life can relate to and utilize to build the life they want. It’s evident that Vaishali draws on both her strong business and teaching backgrounds to deliver resources specific to the clients’ needs, whether they are high schoolers or CEOs. I personally have made some tough but wise decisions thanks to her knowledge and coaching.

Sandie Taylor, COO
Together for Girls, Washington, DC

Working with Vaishali was a great experience. She offered advice tailored to my specific needs and further connected me with additional resources to build on our engagement and help me further work toward my financial goals.

Jennifer C.
Greensboro, NC

Vaishali leads with compassion and empathy as well as her many years of experience with personal finance; after working with her and creating a plan I feel a sense of freedom in that my money is working for me. She has had a major impact on me by leading by example and showing me what is possible in my future. After working with Vaishali, I feel more confident in my ability to manage my money and more importantly have a healthier relationship with my personal finances

Josie Greenwald
Greensboro, NC

I needed a coach–someone genuinely passionate about listening & providing their expertise and insight to help formulate an action plan. Someone who would share tools that I could use to get organized, educated & disciplined around our finances. Someone that would hold me accountable for showing up & putting in the work. I’ve been working with Vaishali for eight months now and never have I felt more empowered, especially as a woman, when it comes to our finances. The crippling anxiety I used to feel is being replaced with confidence because I have one heck of a coach.

Laura Kilpatrick
Greensboro, NC

Liles Construction engaged Copper Seed for a multiple-session financial planning seminar for our employees. Vaishali curated a program specific to our company’s benefits and employee structure. She covered topics from basic personal finances to long term financial planning and investments. She skillfully kept each participant engaged and inspired throughout the seminars.
Since our sessions with Copper Seed, we have seen an increase in 401(k) contributions and have had employees from field engineers to executive leadership actively change their financial plans and use of benefits.

Paul Liles, CEO
Liles Construction



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